United Foundation Expo

United Foundation Expo

6th – 8th October 2024
Beverly Hills, California, USA

Embark on a journey of global impact and attend the inaugural United Foundation Expo 2024, October 06-08, 2024 in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles. Presented by the visionaries of the Voice Aid Association / DIPESH and 90210 Enterprise. Immerse yourself in a diverse showcase of changemakers, innovators and organizations reshaping the global landscape of sustainability and social impact. Discover unprecedented opportunities to connect with a global audience and forge strategic partnerships.

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Visit the world’s first United Foundation Expo in Beverley Hills. Experience innovation firsthand through interactive exhibits, demonstrations and activities that bring sustainable solutions to life. Join us and the 90210 Award to honor sustainable companies, NGOs and organizations in the glamour of Hollywood. Connect with like-minded individuals to expand your network and forge partnerships that can amplify the impact of your initiatives. Be inspired by influential speakers who have made significant contributions to the non-profit and sustainability sectors. Engage with the media and present your idea.

The United Foundation Expo (UFE) is an annual trade show founded in partnership of 90210 Enterprise and the Voice Aid Association e.V. with their project D.I.P.E.S.H.

Our partnership aims to bring together the expertise, resources and values of both organizations to promote global initiatives and causes identified by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With our focus on foundations around the world, we aim to harness the power of Hollywood glamour and celebrity combined with the prestige and affluence of Beverly Hills to create an ecosystem that promotes positive change and sustainability in action.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global platform that demonstrates the power of collaboration between the entertainment industry and the philanthropic community to foster meaningful connections and partnerships between foundations, industry leaders, celebrities and peers.

Our Goal

Through our annual expo, we aim to leverage Hollywood’s influence, Beverly Hills’ and California’s resources to promote global sustainability and amplify the impact of foundations worldwide. By leveraging the United Foundation Expo platform, we aim to raise awareness, inspire action, and provide resources to support the SDGs and other global initiatives.

64% of all millennials are committed to sustainable employers.

61% of all employees expect clear societal attitudes.

71% of professionals expect a clear sustainability vision.

53% of consumers have switched brands because of the company’s sustainable stance.

80% of all employees feel loyal to socially and environmentally conscious companies.

64% of all consumers say, that the purchase of sustainable products makes them happy.

Ashkan Tabibnia
Founder / CEO

90210 Enterprise

Axel Tillmann
Chairman / President
90210 Enterprise

Ph.D. Natalie Forest
VP of Media

Team USA

At 90210 Enterprise, we have created a vibrant and dynamic business community that paves your path to success.

Our goal is to provide a seamless path from start to finish that helps individuals and businesses succeed and achieve their ultimate goals. We invite you to join our private network of over 20,000 professionals and tap into the expertise of our 2,000 elite, world-class executive advisors across 12 verticals.

We are not a one-size-fits-all community; we recognize and honor the uniqueness of each member, their specific goals, ideas and aspirations.

Astrid Arens
President Voice Aid Association e.V.
Founder D.I.P.E.S.H.
Senator Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade.

Regino Hawich
Co-Founder Voice Aid Association e.V.

Juliane Putzing
Vice Chairwoman
Voice Aid Association e.V.

Team Germany

The Voice Aid Association (Voice Aid) operates worldwide as an internationally recognized non-profit organization based on the 17 Global Goals. Their heart project – D.I.P.E.S.H. is an international platform for environmental protection, sustainability and humanity. It changes the world and connects everything we need to do so. Our goal is to connect the world and start the biggest movement for living sustainability. Moving away from talk to action.

Firmly anchored in the senatorial mission of our president is to build a bridge to unite the cooperations in the fields of sustainable foundations and NGOs as well as the cooperation with the German and American middle class and their philanthropic world. Because only together we can change the world.

Sponsorship United Foundation Expo

Your brand is prominently featured in the most prestigious and exclusive setting in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills as a partner of the United Foundation Expo. This is where global influence and grant capital sits in close proximity to the glamour of Hollywood.

This gives your organization/company unparalleled exposure and publicity. You can find new partners and collaborators in the local and national U.S. market, expand your network and advance your product, service or foundation mission and vision.

As a strong European partner, the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade, represented by its Senator and Foreign Trade Advisor for the USA Ms. Astrid Arens supports UFE and thus builds a continental bridge for collaborative sustainable action coupled with social responsibility.

United Foundation Expo is the ideal platform to showcase your strong presence, values and unique potential in the U.S. and European market.

Meet the next generation of sustainable leaders – In California with the power of the world’s fifth largest economy.

Representation as official partner for 2024 with XXL logo on all advertising material / publications, one page in the program booklet.

Participation in person –  live and virtual at the March press conference in Beverly Hills.

Exclusive presentation space in a prominent location (5.5 meters / 18 ft).

D.I.P.E.S.H. & 90210 partnership for 2 years.

You will be listed as exclusive partner of UFE at all further events of both 90210 Enterprise and Voice Aid Association e.V. / D.I.P.E.S.H. for a period of one year.

Prestigious article in the Magazine for Living Sustainability (D.I.P.E.S.H.) and U.S.A. publications.

Presentation of the 90210 Awards USA 2024 including 20 Platin VIP tickets.

Representation as a partner with XL logo on all advertising material / publications, 1/2 page in the program booklet.

Exclusive presentation area in exposed position (3.5 meters / 12 ft).

D.I.P.E.S.H. & 90210 partnership for 1 year.

Prestigious article in the Magazine for Living Sustainability (D.I.P.E.S.H.) and U.S.A. publications.

Presentation of the 90210 Awards USA 2024 including 10 Platin VIP tickets.

Change Makers

5,000 US-Dollars

As an exhibitor, you will enjoy the following benefits as a selected organization. You get an exclusive appearance in Beverly Hills surrounded by the glamour of Hollywood. Your mission, product or service will receive strong exposure in the US. Enjoy a designated presentation space surrounded by outstanding co-exhibitors. Take advantage of high-quality advertising (TV, PR and social media) and unique networking opportunities.

  • L-Logo on all advertising material and publications, in the program 1/2 page
  • D.I.P.E.S.H. & 90210 partnership for 1 year included
  • Placement in the Magazine for Living Sustainability (D.I.P.E.S.H.) and U.S.A. publications
  • Presentation area 3.5 meters / 12 ft

We have an exclusive offer for exhibitor contribution totaling 10,000 US-Dollars. In this offer, the founders will cross-sponsor 50% of the costs, reducing your total cost to 5,000 US-Dollars.


Platinum VIP

  • Expo 2 days
  • plus day 3
  • 90210 Awards Gala

$299 early bird

$350 later

Gold VIP

  • Expo 2 days
  • plus Red Carpet
  • Networking on day 1

$199 early bird

$240 later

Silver VIP

  • Expo 2 days

$99 early bird

$120 later

Early bird available until August 15th 2024

90210 Awards

Honoring the legends, shaping the legacy


At 90210 Awards, our mission is to celebrate living legends; to honor those who have demonstrated unwavering passion, unparalleled creativity, tireless perseverance, extraordinary leadership, boundless compassion, groundbreaking innovation with profound impact.

Through our platform, we aim to share their stirring stories and honor the lasting legacy, as well as showcase the lives they have touched. By honoring these legends, we aim to inspire others to recognize their own greatness and leave a lasting impression on the world.


We strive to create a global community that honors and learns from the extraordinary individuals. Through our platform, we aim to empower people to use their unique gifts to ignite their own legacy and positively impact the world.

Together, we can shape a future worth living.

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